Uniting individuals and families in over 80 million homes worldwide, Universal Channel is NBCUniversal’s international flagship entertainment destination, dedicated to world-class, character-driven shows that get everybody talking. Our content is smart, bold and original, and our unique, multi-layered characters inspire loyalty and steal the hearts of our forward-thinking audience.


  • UK & Ireland
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Brazil
  • Australia / New Zealand
  • Africa
  • Emerging Markets
  • Spanish Latin America

Our Audience




45%   55%
Median age: 46
  • We call Universal Channel viewers ‘uniters’

  • Global citizens, who are upward-looking, connected and ambitious

  • They are driven by family and friends, and believe in the value of quality, and quality of values

  • Universal Channel represents ‘the world they share’

  • This audience is valuable to advertisers because they are willing to pay for quality and they look to ads to provide them with information and reassurance that a brand is worthwhile

  • Ideal advertisers are quality brands aspiring to global renown

Best-fit ad categories

The products for which Universal viewers most over-index

Financial products




Mobile networks


Fast food


Alcoholic drinks


Consumer electronics

*Index vs. non-viewers

Source: Unique Worlds. Universal Audiences. Tapestry Research 2015
We spoke to 6,500 TV viewers (3,900 NBCU viewers and 2,600 non-viewers) across 13 countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain & the UK

Key programming

Smart, sharp and uber-stylish legal drama about the two guys everyone wants to be - and be with. Millions of fans can’t be wrong.

The smash-hit crime comedy about buddy detectives, fake psychic powers and a whole lot of pineapples. Winner of the People’s Choice Award 2014.

One of the highest-rated cable shows ever, Royal Pains follows Hank Lawson: unwilling doctor-for-hire to the rich and famous.

Images are representative of the type of programming on each of NBCUniversal’s channel brands, although the programmes may not be available in every country

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